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Capeia Arraiana, the Bullfight of the Border Lands

Two handful of men, a massive wooden frame, an arena and a bull. That's the Capeia Arraiana.

21st Jun

Windows of the World

Windows of The world was born by my curiosity about windows, like the structure of the houses, they change from region to region.

20th Jun

Holy Week, the days before Resurrection

Capturing the darker days of the Holy Week in Braga, before the resurrection.

29th May

Exposição: #japan

An exhibit of instagram snapshots of japan by Jão Maia and Cláudia Batalha. Opens on January 17 at Palavra de Viajante bookstore.

17th Jan

Exposição: 4 Olhares Sobre a Índia

João Almeida, João Maia, Luís Ferreira e Ruben Vicente. 4 olhares sobre a Índia.

30th Nov

Palestra: António Nascimento

António Nascimento é um fotógrafo freelance, com larga experiência de fotografia de viagem e gastronómica./António Nascimento is a freelance photographer, with a large experience in travel and food photography.

25th Nov
António Nascimento

Palestra: ” Portuguese Travel CookBook”

Emanuele Siracusa viajou por Portugal, fotografando as suas jóias culinárias / Emanuele Siracusa traveled throughout Portugal, photographing its delicacies.

12th Nov

Palestra: “Viajar e Comer!”

Uma viagem ao Brasil através da sua culinária . / A travel to Brasil through its cuisine.

11th Nov

Palestra: “Mercados a Oriente”

Uma palestra para viajar a 3 mercados asiáticos diferentes / A speech to travel to 3 different Asian markets

09th Nov
Spice Seller